9 years
experience in media marketing
with my participation
total project budget
50+ projects
$500 000
Marat Aksanov, a digital marketer. I promote businesses on the internet and run a blog
Perfomance ads
Web analytics
and many others
I also write articles on various topics
I have work experience with major companies
I create an effective plan for brand presence in the Digital space based on customer research, market and competitor analysis
I fine-tune social media advertising and attract the most relevant leads to the business
I enhance the flow of the most ardent clients from search advertising in Google and Yandex and increase brand awareness through media advertising
I set up analytics on all incoming traffic in Google Analytics and Yandex Metrics and structure reports on advertising in Google Looker (ex Data Studio)
Targeted ads
Contextual ads
Web analytics
What am I good at?
I do all my work based on data, not subjective views
The goal of my work is to increase the profits of businesses, not fictitious figures in reports
50+ successful projects in 6 countries. Worked with FMCG, medicine, EdTech, FinTech, HoReCa, Food Delivery and other industries
Objective approach
My strengths
People love me here
Business cases
How we attracted 4,600 people for only $2.59 to the chatbot energy TOP using AR
Task accomplished: implement digital promotion tools and set up the work of sales managers
Objective: to launch the product in the digital environment in 6 months
Task accomplished: determining the needs of percussive massagers customers and, based on them, developing a voice tone and brand promotion strategy
How we took an edtech company out of crisis and achieved a conversion rate of 10%
An example of how Leadgen Facebook* Ads drove clients in an educational counseling business
Sleepless nights, emotions and pace: the experience of reviving Pakhtakor's press service
Objective: to attract applications from social networks and increase apartment sales
Objective: to draw applicants for English language courses
Each of us encounters retargeting on a daily basis. The way businesses bring us back to the site and push us to the point of purchase is discussed in detail in this material
What tasks web analytics solves and how it can help businesses address challenges
How to inform potential customers about your company and dispense with the cost of astronomical amounts of money for advertising?
An article for those who continue to work with Facebook targeting outside of Russia
The social network has made it easier to run ads, but algorithms and moderation are a discomfort
Guide to promoting local businesses on Google My Business, with real-life examples of how it works.

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