How I Promoted an Ed-Tech Company During a Crisis

We pulled an ed-tech company out of a crisis and achieved a 10% conversion rate from Facebook advertising.
How I Promoted an Ed-Tech Company During a Crisis
We pulled an ed-tech company out of a crisis and achieved a 10% conversion rate from Facebook advertising.
In June 2021, we had the opportunity to work on an exciting project that literally transformed the lives of students from Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. The client was a consulting agency specializing in sending young people to study in China, the Czech Republic, Malaysia, the UAE, and Russia.

The agency had a solid starting position, with grants from the educational programs of China and Turkey. Additionally, the agency had partnerships with the Ministry of Education in Uzbekistan.

The company approached our agency independently. During the meeting, the owner clearly defined the goals: attract the maximum number of prospective students for studying abroad.
The Situation Before Our Involvement
When we began working on the project, we quickly realized that it wouldn't be easy. The agency had just emerged from a crisis, coinciding with the end of an extended period of self-isolation in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. Like many others, their business had been struggling, and they needed an influx of new clients to stay afloat.

Initial conditions:
  • They were running ad campaigns only to promote posts on Instagram and Facebook.
  • The agency's website didn't track conversions, and consequently, there was no strategy for handling website traffic.
  • All potential clients submitted inquiries through direct messages without the ability to schedule meetings with representatives immediately.

The result was inconvenience for everyone involved—clients, managers, and the owner alike.
Start of Work
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The first thing we did was to finalize the agency's website and prepare it to receive traffic.

  • We set up analytics.
  • Installed the pixel.
  • Launched trial advertising campaigns for conversion and lead attraction.

We decided to go the standard way: to establish the work of the site, and already there to direct traffic to conversions from Meta* sites. We decided to work according to the CBO strategy, then we chose the goal "Conversion" and "Messages in Direct".

We divided the potential audience into 3 parts:

  • Broad, age from 18 to 24 years old.
  • Students 18-24 years old with interests related to the country where admission was offered.
  • Parents of applicants. This audience brought a small but steady conversion to applications.

Applications were collected through Bitrix24 into a separate document. Managers used it to call clients and assign them to groups.
What did you get?
Over the course of 3 months, we ran more than 10 advertising campaigns. We tested and found different bundles, tried combining creatives and texts.
  • 700 leads,
  • 70 closed sales,
  • 72 students went abroad.
The sales conversion rate was 10%, recouping the investment in advertising.

The agency owner was satisfied with the work done and signed an agreement with us to continue cooperation. We met the budget, the agency got new clients, and there was activity on the social media pages.

We continued working with this agency. These advertising campaigns are part of a larger joint work. But more on that later.
The project was supervised by: Marat Aksanov.