A breakdown of the "Engagement" targeting option in Facebook Meta: who it's suitable for and who might consider other options. "Engagement" is one of the 6 objectives available in Meta Ads Manager, present in both functionalities of the platform.

The most popular and costly objective among the six offered in Ads Manager, the Lead objective, can either bring in generous clients or inundate managers with inquiries about its high cost.

The "Traffic" objective is one of the most commonly used in Facebook and Instagram advertising. Therefore, it's essential to understand when it's best to use it to avoid wasting your advertising budget.

How Reach Campaigns Work on Facebook and Instagram, Suitable Businesses, and Best Practices for Setting Them Up.

An article about how businesses use retargeting to bring us back to their websites and drive us towards making a purchase.
An article for those who continue to work with Facebook targeting outside of Russia
The social network has made it easier to run ads, but algorithms and moderation are a discomfort.